What You Can Expect from us

Sathre-Bergquist, Inc. is comprised of a core staff of about 25 diversified professionals, technicians, and administrative staff. We are here to assist you with your project from concept to completion and are able to manage multiple projects of all sizes with great flexibility while maintaining scheduled objectives and deadlines.

Our professional staff members are licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota.

our staff

Administrative Staff

  • Jaime Latzke : Administrative Assistant

Civil Engineering

  • Christian Froemke : Engineer in Training
  • Eric Johnson : Engineer in Training
  • Tom Welshinger : Engineer in Training
  • Ron Burchett : Construction Observer

Survey Staff

  • Bryan Voit : Survey Technician
  • Max Lemus : Survey Technician
  • EJ Wirtz : Survey Technician
  • Dean Baron : Survey Technician
  • Scott Reisdorf:  Survey Technician
  • Jared Averbeck : Professional Land Surveyor

Survey Crew

  • Jeff Vandeneinde : Construction Manager
  • Chris Lake : Survey Crew Chief
  • Don Hurst : Survey Crew Chief
  • Colyn Tvete : Survey Crew Chief
  • Joe Derus : - Survey Crew Chief
  • Alex Torgerson : Survey Crew Chief
  • Gabe Hart:  Survey Crew Technician
  • Jacob Schuster:  Survey Crew Technician
  • Derek Moore : Survey Crew Technician
  • Marcus Dalbec:  Survey Crew Technician
  • Brad Bye:  Survey Crew Technician